Ranging from photographs, video and installations made from unusual materials, Auckland-based artist Ruth Watson’s work re-orientates maps and mapping processes. Her work has been exhibited at the Stedelijk Museum, the Frankfurter Kunstverein, in the Sydney Biennale, Gallery of Modern Art Brisbane, Museums of Contemporary Art in Sydney and Zagreb, Asia Society Gallery in New York and Kunst-Werke Berlin. She has been the recipient of the Olivia Spencer-Bower Art Award, The Fulbright-Wallace Art Award, The Washington D.C. based Ristow Prize for an essay in cartographic history. She likes to travel and, unsurprisingly, many maps.

Watson was born in New Zealand and lived in Berlin between 1993-95, then moving to Australia between 1995-2006. She is currently based in Auckland. See texts for a CV with more details.



This website is a work in progress. Some artworks, texts and miscellaneous items are not yet included sometimes due to not being scanned, while others will be rephotographed.