Jason’s return trip (golden slippers)


This proposal was for the exhibition The World Over/De Wereld Bollen, curated by Dorine Mignot and Wystan Curnow in 1996. The proposed site was the Royal Palace in Amsterdam, formerly that city’s Town Hall with its famous inlaid, double-hemispheric world maps on the floor of the Great Hall (a third map showed the northern celestial hemisphere).

Jason’s return trip (golden slippers) would to allow the general public to be able to walk on the maps again, as they once had in the past, but now can no longer. Doing so would necessitate protection for the maps’ surfaces, which often takes the form of shoe covers for visitors. These slippers were to be made from bright gold, fluffy wool – a golden fleece.

The proposal was rejected by Queen Beatrix who ‘did not want pantoufles in her palace’. It remains a favourite project even if unrealised. The Lingua Geographica works were created in the place of this proposal.

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